Quality Landscaping Services
in Pleasant Hills, PA

Q&A Landscaping is well-known for completing quality landscaping projects throughout the South Hills of Pittsburgh. We do patios, retaining walls, plants & everything in between.

Retaining Walls
Excavation/ Grading
Lawn Installation
Sod & Seeding
Firepits & Fire Features
French Drains
Tree/Stump Removal
Decorative Stone
Seasonal Cleanup
Concrete Edging
Commercial Snow Removal

The Best Landscaping & Hardscaping in Jefferson Hills too

We've been completing high-end projects in West Jefferson Hills since the start of Q&A Landscaping. Our owners Quinten & Anthony went to school at Thomas Jefferson, so we are very familiar with the landscape.

Plants, Trees, & Mulch installation

We feel that our work and reputation speak for us, so browse some of our services and get into contact when you're ready to start your next outdoor project.

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Q&A Landscaping completes quality landscaping & hardscaping projects in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, PA.
Q&A Blog
A Visual Guide to Concrete Landscape Edging Styles
In this guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about getting concrete borders installed & maintaining a permanent line between mulch beds and grass.
Black eyed Susan flowers
21 Easy Care Native Landscaping Plants for 2024
A comprehensive list of native landscaping plants that support biodiversity and require little maintenance in their natural ecosystem.
Learn proper watering schedules, avoid common mistakes, and promote healthy establishment of your new grass.

Bethel Park Landscaping in Pittsburgh, PA

Q&A Landscaping has evolved from the local neighborhood lawn boy who would push his lawn mower up the street to your house, to an established company completing quality landscape projects throughout the Pittsburgh area. Throughout high school and then the University of Pittsburgh, we grew our company into careers for ourselves and our crew members by being thorough in our work.

The Q&A team

Renown for Our Work in the South Hills

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Creative solutions
Designers and management provide unique and personalized solutions for your situation. Every yard is different.
Diverse Equipment
We have a range of tools and machines that get around tight corners or cover acres in no time.
Local Team
Our workforce consists of skilled craftsmen all from nearby areas. They understand the region.
We accept Bitcoin
We are with the times and accept Bitcoin as a payment method.
Personal Quote from the Owner
Nothing is lost in translation as the owner comes to your property to discuss every estimate.
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