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Sod & Seeding

Whether you are looking for a lawn for your newly built home or wish to refresh your existing lawn, we have many different options for you.  Over the years, we have hand picked the best materials and perfected our process, and this recipe will get you a beautiful carpet of grass throughout the lawn.  

Sod is a great option with the instant gratification of having a perfect lawn the day of installation.  The sod goes onto a layer of topsoil spread across the area you are looking to have grass, which will require the removal of your existing lawn if you already have grass.  No need to continuously fill spotty patches like if you were to use seed, it's perfect the first day.  

Seeding a new lawn or over seeding an existing lawn is also a great option if you are looking to establish a new or thicker lawn on your property.  Steep slopes can be tackled with various arrays of erosion control mats and pellets.

Q&A Landscaping is a quality focused company with a wide range of expertise and equipment for any outdoor needs you may have.  Our clients range from residential properties to commercial sites with acres to landscape, so no job is too big or too small.  Click the links below to see some of the specific services we offer: