Landscaping ROI:
5 Projects that Increase the Value of a Home

11/30/2023 • By Quinten O'Dea, Owner of Q&A Landscaping

Guest contribution from Dan Haeck. Dan Haeck is a realtor with Coldwell Banker Realty and has been helping Pittsburgh home buyers and sellers since 2007.
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The concept of curb appeal is vital to attracting potential buyers and elevating the market value of a home.

When the expertise of a real estate team, the vision of a professional landscaper, and the aspirations of a homeowner align, the result is a collaboration that transforms a simple property into a standout masterpiece.

Landscaping for ROI

Curb appeal is not just about landscaping; it considers market trends and buyer expectations. Blending real estate market expertise with landscaping projects maximizes the property's appeal to potential buyers.

A good project starts with the following:

• a realistic assessment of the homeowner's budget
• evaluation of the potential return on investment
• strategic allocation of resources based on those two factors

This ensures landscaping improvements not only enhance aesthetics but also contribute to the property's overall market value within the specified budget.

That being said, here are the best 5 projects that increase the price of your home when it comes to selling time:

Projects that Up Your Appraisal

1. Getting a full green lawn.

When you pull up to a house, what is the first thing you see? Well, the house. But the surrounding yard is inseparable from your first view of the house. First impressions are everything, & the lawn is a large part of that.

A well-maintained weed free yard does not happen overnight so homeowners should invest a few hundred dollars annually to have a lawn care specialist properly care for your lawn. But there is nothing better than a beautiful well-manicured healthy yard. If you don't have a good lawn, get a new one installed before looking to sell.

Pristine new grass lawn

2. Patios & Firepits

Patios and firepits turn your backyard into a cozy retreat. A beautiful patio made of stone or pavers can become an extra living room outside. Add a firepit to the scene, and now you've got a warm and inviting spot. It's not just about staying warm; it's about creating a place to gather with friends or enjoy a quiet evening.

Potential home buyers love the idea of exteriors that have utility. They are more likely to envision themselves living in and enjoying a property with appealing outdoor living areas. Patios exhibit just that, achieving 60-100% return on investment. For a $20,000 patio, that's not too shabby of an increase on your appraisal.  

3. Flowers & Trees

Tightly trimmed hedges, trees, & flowers are all considered "softscape." They are a living addition to the house you are selling, and can entice buyers who want a move-in-ready home without immediate outdoor projects. Flowers and flowerbeds also contribute to the home's value with their natural beauty.

A good mix of trees, perennial, and annual flowers are all necessary for a complete front yard. Softscape ties the house visually to the landscape. Look for native flowers & evergreens for year-round aesthetics that come back every year.

4. Paths & Walkways

Properly installed concrete & stone paths can withstand various weather conditions and heavy foot traffic, while weaving more utility to the landscape. As part of the property, they guide movement and

5. Fresh Mulch & Edging

Mulch is one thing people hate doing, but don't realize the minimal cost in relation to value added. A fresh addition of mulch in the spring or summer can make softscape really pop out, but still blend into the property. Mulch beds tighten up the look of any property, especially around the landscaped, eye-catching areas.

That's it.

Crafting an outdoor space, with lush lawns, pathways, and charming fire pits, isn't just about creating a home – it's about displaying an inviting lifestyle. As potential buyers wander through these thoughtfully designed features, they'll see themselves living in the property you've created.

As you implement these things, the intrinsic value of your property naturally elevates, setting the stage for a higher listing price.

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