6 Landscaping Ideas for a Sloped/Hilly Backyard

Published June 27, 2023
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No flat land? No problem

You may think hills are an eyesore for your yard, but there are plenty of creative ways to transform your hillside into a unique landscape that complements your Pittsburgh yard. Our team has completed many landscaping projects with uneven terrain, from small slopes to steep hills. Here are some ideas to inspire you to beautify your hilly property.

1. Gaze from an Overlooking Patio

Back raised patio/

Utilizing your hillside for a raised concrete patio is an excellent way to landscape your yard. You and your guests can enjoy a scenic view while sitting by a warm fire or having dinner. Adding an outdoor kitchen or grill would make great additions to your space like these homeowners in Peters Township have done.

2. Get Bold with a Rock Garden

Decorative stone surrounding a driveway

Stone offers a modern design and easy coverage for your hillside. Small rocks like in the photo above require a small amount of upkeep and last all year long. Adding a few larger boulders adds dimension and you could also add plants like shrubs and bushes to give your rocky landscape more personality.

3. Create a Pathway

Steps surrounded by stone

Make use of your sloping hillside and create a stair garden that can double as a path to your backyard like this landscape with Olentangy steps and terraced retaining wall. To make your natural stair landscape even more low maintenance, use rocks instead of plants.

4. Mulch with Low Maintenance Plants

If you’d like to have some greenery on your hillside but don’t want the hassle of upkeep, opt for mulch and low maintenance plants like hosta or goldthread cypress to create a clean look for your landscape.

We suggest using a dark color mulch to make your plants green color stand out more in your landscape. Our team offers mulch blowing services so you don’t have to spend hours laying mulch yourself and your landscape will have clean crisp edges without weeds or grass.

5. Install Planter Boxes

hillside planter boxes

Planter boxes are great for overflowing flowers or vegetable gardens and maximize your landscape’s functionality. Our team can build planter boxes customized to your yard and install them for you.

6. Go Classic with a Retaining Wall

A wall next to a driveway

Retaining walls add dimension to your yard and help hold back soil. Many homeowners opt for retaining walls because they are long-lasting and the design possibilities are endless. You can add mulch, stone, shrubs, or flowers to your retaining wall to make it your own. Q&A Landscaping has built over 100 retaining walls and knows exactly what it takes to create a wall that is sturdy and attractive.

Transform Your Hillside With Premier Landscaping

Hillside landscaping can be challenging but it can give your yard a unique edge. Q&A Landscaping has designed landscapes for over 13 years and can help you bring your landscape dreams to life with the utmost care and precision.

That's it! We hope you enjoyed your read.

We strive to customize your landscape to your yard’s needs while incorporating your design ideas. If you’re ready to work with a Pittsburgh landscaping team that can curate the perfect landscape design just for you, contact us today for a free consultation.

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